First Presbyterian Church of Lubbock
We  Follow  Jesus
Sunday Worship 10:30am     Sunday School 9:30am                           3814 130th St. (FM 1585)  806-763-0401
Questions for Pastor Bob Field?

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Missionary Liz Searles will be with us Sunday, Feb. 8 in the afternoon.  More information coming. for information on Liz and the mission in Romania.  We support NOROC monthly.

Evidence of God's Spirit at work in us - are we more loving, kind and generous to others 
Matthew 7 calls us to inspect the fruit of our own lives

First Friday Friends

Jan. 9  6:00pm 
Feb. 6
March 6

Chilito's Peper Cafe
447 US 62, Wolforth

Bacon Bitz Youth Group  meets Sundays led by Aislinn King 283-0468

C. S. Lewis expert Dr. Don King will lecture here April 25-26

Practical Sermons and Soul Training
– God’s lifestyle
In Jesus God adopts us into his family. So how do we life as God's children? It's amazing to be saved and now I want to learn to live as a saved person.

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We Follow Jesus
Players who want to be in the game (or on the Way
of Jesus) welcome.
Referees who are eager to call other people's fouls
not needed. 
Spectators will be challenged to get up and on the Way.



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